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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a CHICKEN world...

OK I will admit it I LOVE chickens. I love their funny antics, the roosters crow and strut (he is the MAN!) and that little cackle they do when they've laid an egg (job well done!). My family tries to steer me clear of farm and home stores during "chick days" because I always have to adopt something - I'm a sucker!!

Besides the fun chickens can be there is nothing quite like fresh chicken (fried, boiled, baked) that you know you raised yourself free range and nothing beats a farm fresh egg - even the color of the yolk is vibrant and bright like the sun - it just looks healthy!!

I invite you to consider raising a few chickens - - a lot of urban cities are now allowing people to raise their own chickens. There is usually a limit (around 6) and you cannot have a rooster. FYI - you do not need a rooster for chickens to lay eggs. Go Green - Go Healthy - Get Chickens!!!

Above is a picture of my youngest "Colten" he is the CHICKEN MAN. I get into a lot of trouble if I have collected eggs - when he gets off the school bus the first place he heads is the chicken coop - then he finds a spot and sits to sing and/or talk to them awhile.

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Loved seeing your son with the chickens. There is something so funny with seeing all your cute chickens and then reading a chicken recipe! Had to laugh. Thanks for sharing. Babette