Adventures at Backwoods Academy and Collyott Farms

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gangs all here . . .

Well most of them anyway. Thought I would introduce you to my partners in crime. My husband and children, they are the reason I do what I do? Jeremy is our woodworker and great at HONEY DO lists. I could not do what I do or have the animals I have if it wasn't for him. I always tell customers who want something custom made - sure no problem - then it's HONEY do you think you can do this!! LOL He is great. My children help out or kick over the paint and the cat walks through it - waaalaaa modern art!!! It's all good - -

Then there is Sadie our yellow lab she is just 1 and we're trying to get it through her head you DON'T chase the chickens even though it's FUN!!!

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