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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions!! Are you making them????

Well 2012 is almost here and I'm almost giddy!!!  :)    I never do the whole New Years thing - I'm actually babysitting this year for a few others who are enjoying there time out - - but I'm excited about making "Goals" for the new year and all that I'm going to accomplish - I have a plan and it's exciting!!!

I can already check one item off my list - MEAT Rabbits - we bought a doe and buck today and brought them home - I will share pictures later this weekend!!  So excited about it!

I'm excited about our upcoming Homeschool year - excited about the weight I'm gonna lose (yes I know everyone makes this one but YES I AM!!:) - - I'm excited about all the produce I plan to grow and sell - - excited about being part of the Farmers Market this year - - I'm excited about Home Shows with The Olde Farmhouse - - excited about my baby girl turning 1 in January, she has been a total delight this past year!! - - excited about my new work/home life schedule that will allow me to do more and be home more - - excited about all the NEW IDEAS for - -wow I'm so excited I could keep going because I'm sure your tired of hearing me say "excited"  but like I said I'm in a giddy like state of mind!!!!

Lets say it Ducks Chicks and Pigs OH MY.. ok so Dorothy used different animals but I'm excited -----

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone - may you have a wonderful year and know how blessed you are..

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