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Friday, August 12, 2011

Join us on Facebook - New Homeschool Group

We have created a NEW Homeschool Group on Facebook - Homeschooling in the Backwoods.  You don't have to live in the backwoods to be a part of this group.  You just need to be a homeschooling mom or dad, family member, someone interested in learning more about homeschooling, a supporter of homeschooling or even a mom who would like some ideas of hands on things to do with her children.

This group was created for us to support one another, make friends in the homeschooling community, offer support and encouragement, share pictures of family and fun projects (even the science project that BLEW up!!), share kid friendly recipes, stories and adventures, links to great homeschooling, lapbooking, worksheets sites and more.  

Click here to ask to join:!/groups/220833204634015/

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