Adventures at Backwoods Academy and Collyott Farms

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet our NEW Meat Rabbits

We have partaken on the adventure that is Meat Rabbits - I am told not only healthy but quite tasty meat - I have only had wild rabbit and am told this is much better.

Meet our Doe:   Daisy
(here's to many happy healthy litters :)

and here is our buck Amadeaus - his name is my husband's contribution to this venture!! 

As you will notice the females are larger than the males.  Some perks to meat rabbits - you know what your rabbit is being fed.  Rabbit meat is a lean, protein rich, heart healthy meat!!  We hope to offer this meat to our customers the summer of 2012.  If you raise meat rabbits we would LOVE to opinions or anything you have to share or add!!

"The most nutritious meat available"

- Dept. of Agriculture

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