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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chicken Chile Con Queso

I made this yesterday in the crockpot and am enjoying some leftovers now!!!  Nothing makes a house more inviting then a YUMMY crockpot concoction simmering.

Chicken Chile Con Queso uses one of our yummy dip mixes - little bit of cheesy chile flavor - definate southwest flavor - -

1 whole chicken (grassfed is best of course!)
1 Con Chile Queso mix from Collyott Farms (
1 can of your favorite flavored diced tomatoes (we used fire roasted garlic by Hunts)
1 can of corn
any other vegetables you prefer - we once used canned zucchini instead of corn - so make this an original!!

Put your chicken in the crockpot...

Then add your tomatoes, corn and/or other choice veggies

Then top with your Chile Con Queso Dip Mix

Add about 3/4 cup water over mix

Bake at either HI/Lo according to your crockpot directions.  High should probably be about 4-6 hours and Lo about 8 hours or more. 

Then ENJOY!!!  Goes great with mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, salad and bread.  Here we have used the crockpot juices as a gravy for the potatoes.  Let us know what you think - -

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  1. nothing like letting the crockpot make a good meal especially when the tempt outside's in the 100"s~lol~