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Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 things to love about Winter - - - -

Well I've been reading all these Facebook posts lately regarding the "Winter Blues", how cold it is, how everyone cannot wait until spring. Well I've decided we all need a more optomistic outlook for Winter and enjoy this wonderful season. Here is my Top 10 List in regards to Winter (and yes it is 12 degrees here today)

#10 Wood Fires!! Nothing says cozy like a fire in the woodstove or fireplace. I love the smell, the feel and the warmth. So grab your favorite book and take a timeout in front of the fireplace

#9 Rejuvenation & Relaxation!! We all complain about how busy we are and there isn't enough time - Winter is a great time to rejuvenate - it's dark by 5:00, it's cold outside - so take time to get those extra jobs done inside, to make lists (I LOVE LISTS), to read that book thats been collecting dust, and PLAN for spring!!

#8 Winter's Beauty - If you've been complaining about the snow and cold. Take a moment to stop and look around you at the bare trees dressed in white, the snowy beauty that surrounds you - stop and smell the roses (well maybe not there's nothing to smell) but put out a birdfeeder and enjoy winter wildlife while helping feed them!!

#7 Be a KID again - quit complaining about the cold and take a cue from your children - dress warm and go lob a snowball at someone - play til you can't feel your toes and your face is red!!! You'll love it and get some great exercise.

#6 Cuddle Time - lacking a little cuddle time - winter is perfect for snuggling up to that special someone - no better excuse to get close (just watch out for cold feet under the covers - hubby just doesn't understand why I have to warm mine on him!!)

#5 To Do or Honey Do Lists - What a great time get those "to do lists" done (as long as they don't require warm tempatures). You'll feel great if you enter spring with chores, deep cleaning, painting, building or whatever may be on your list finished.

#4 Watch Wildlife - Winter is the perfect time to put out corn ears for the squirrels, make pinecone feeders with the kids or add a nice feeder to your yard. You can even feed the deer - then sit inside near that warm fire and watch God's wonderful creatures scurry and flutter here and there or fight over a piece of corn. They will delight you for hours!!

#3 Game Season - and no I'm not talking about the Super Bowl (though I enjoy the Super Bowl as well) I'm talking about sitting down and blowing the dust off that board game and playing it - pop some popcorn and then may the best man or woman win!!!

#2 Soul Food - yes tis the season for foods that warm the soul and the belly - who doesn't love Chili, Potato Soup, Beef Stew, Casseroles and Homemade bread - -hmmm I'm having some yummy warm chili with cheese and sour cream as I type with beer bread (the food helps me think better!!) The options are endless and we have time to cook and enjoy with family - then comes spring and summer and we get to work off all these delightful dishes!!

#1 And reason #1 - if your from the south than you are totally missing out on the feeling of having snow dropped down the front of your shirt - the sensation of something in the 20 degree range melting against your warm skin -

BUT ahhhhhhhhhhh I wouldn't trade these winter delights or memories for 365 days of spring - we all need a little winter!!!

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  1. Complaints about winter already?! It just got started! No complaints here, I love winter. The main reason I love living in central US is that we get to experience every season to its fullest.

    I really enjoyed your list only your #10 would be my #1! The first thing I do when I wake up is start a fire and keep it burning all day long. I just love the smell, sound, and feel of a well used fireplace!

    Happy Winter to you~